Bill collectors on your back?

Here’s one way to get them off.

             Perhaps the greatest relief you will experience when you file a bankruptcy petition is that harassment from creditors will stop.  Remarkably enough, it will happen almost instantly.  Creditors know that a provision of law called the “automatic stay” accompanies any bankruptcy.  For as long as you stay in bankruptcy, your creditors are prohibited by law from trying to collect their claims directly from you.  The only exception to this rule is where a creditor is either authorized by your counsel to discuss a particular matter directly with you, or goes to court and succeeds in having the automatic stay “lifted.”  The automatic stay can ordinarily be lifted only in cases where you have failed to abide by the terms of your Chapter 13 plan.  The law provides substantial penalties for violation of the automatic stay, and bankruptcy judges are serious about enforcing it.


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Attorney Monica Morales Urrabazo talks about

  creditor harassment and the Automatic Stay