Bankruptcy is a legal right.

             You have a right, provided by an elected congress and signed by a conservative president, to relief from your debts if you meet the requirements of the law.  You should avoid bankruptcy if you can and use it to your best advantage if you can’t.  Either way, it’s a practical decision and not a moral one.  You don’t seriously think banks, insurance companies, retailers and manufacturers are concerned about whether it’s “wrong” or “embarrassing” to file bankruptcy when the money runs out, do you?


Bankruptcy is presidential.

             Bankruptcy is not a badge of low station.  At least FOUR PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES, including two of our greatest presidents (on Mount Rushmore, no less), have taken bankruptcy during their lifetimes.  They include THOMAS JEFFERSON, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, ULYSSES S. GRANT and WILLIAM McKINLEY.  Countless other luminaries, including Texas’ own governor and United States Treasury Secretary John Connally, have done the same. 


Bankruptcy is Biblical.

             At Graves Law Firm we’ll help you regardless of your religion, and so will the Bankruptcy Code.  Some creditors have been known to equate bankruptcy with a failure of Christian morality, but you should know that it’s not true.  The Bible itself provides a basis for our modern bankruptcy law, and it directs that forgiveness of debt is to be made available every seven years.  To quote the King James version of Deuteronomy 15:1-2:

                          1.  At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts.

                          2.  And this is the form of the release:  Every creditor who has lent anything

                               to his neighbor shall release it; he shall not require it of his neighbor or

                               his brother, because it is called the Lord’s release.   


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Bankruptcy is not immoral — just unfortunate.