is squeezing the middle class.

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†††††††††††† Credit card debt is out of hand for many Americans.† Donít feel alone.† Depending on your income and family size, you can wipe out all or part of your credit card debt in bankruptcy.


†††††††††††† Credit counseling agencies are organizations that exist primarily for the purpose of helping debtors who have lost control of their credit card debt to continue to pay.† The other side of that coin is that they help credit card issuers continue to collect from debtors who have lost control of their credit card debt.† They are essentially creatures of the credit card industry, designed as a loss prevention or mitigation measure.† Some are non-profit, though that does NOT mean necessarily that they charge less or provide more or better service than their for-profit colleagues.† The important thing to remember about credit counseling agencies is that they make their money by taking a cut from the payments they collect from credit card debtors.† This means that they have every incentive to try to keep you paying for as long as they can, even in the face of hopeless debt and even though your interests would be better served by a bankruptcy filing.


†††††††††††† A bankruptcy lawyer, on the other hand, is required by law, tradition and ethics to act in YOUR interest and to encourage you to take an action (including filing bankruptcy) only if and when that action is in your interest.††