Family upheaval

Divorce or the death or incapacity of breadwinners

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According a study authored in large part by the famous (or infamous, depending on your politics) Harvard Law School professor, consumer advocate and United States Senator Elizabeth Warren, divorce is the fourth most common cause of personal bankruptcy filings in the country.


Family breakup creates tremendous financial strain on both parties and their children.  First, legal costs of divorce can be high, particularly when custody of children is at stake.  Second, setting up and maintaining two households on the same income that used to support only one is a recipe for financial disaster.  Third, wage garnishments for child or spousal support can make it difficult or impossible to pay other bills of one new household, while failure to pay child or spousal support can impoverish the other.


Likewise, the death or incapacitation of a breadwinner is a tragedy for the whole family.


For these circumstances, bankruptcy is no panacea.  It may or may not be a helpful tool under your particular circumstances.  Please feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly offer our expertise to help you know what your options might be.  We will charge you nothing for  the consultation.